Research and production company “The Research and Development Company Recon” LLC (founded in 1991) which is a resident of the technopolis “Khimgrad” is one of the leading vendors and producers of water dispersions, as well as high quality construction and restoration materials.

Since the moment of its foundation, “The R&D Company Recon” LLC has carried out research-and-development works and has a range of patents for inventions and useful models.

Because the company has its own scientific-research laboratory as well as highly professional personnel (the staff includes one Doctor and two Candidates (PhD) of Technical Sciences), this allows to take into consideration specific demands of each client.

On the basis of the agreement of mutual scientific and technological cooperation with the Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering, joint development of new materials and technologies is carried out.

In the current year, new modifications of water dispersions have been elaborated (in particular, a component for lubricating inorganic fibers and epoxy-based mixtures for repair and maintenance called “Recam” directed to repairing of wooden railway sleepers).

In 2015, repair mixtures “RECAM” were included into the Register of Innovative Products, Technologies and Services recommended for use in the Russian Federation (No.222 in the Register).

Since October 2015 “The R&D Company Recon” LLC has been a member of the technological platform “New polymer composite materials and technologies”.

The quality management system of “The R&D Company Recon” LLC complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, Russian Register, IQNet.