Ground coats and impregnations based on epoxy resin aqueous emulsions

The product is a two– component composition:

– component 1 –primer;

– component 2 – condensation agent.

The compound does not comprise any organic solvents and lays on dry and slightly wet surfaces, possesses fire and explosion safety.

Product Description


– at using in the quality of impregnating compound take 0,3-0,8 kg/m2 depending on the surface porosity;

– at using in the quality of coating  – 0,15-0,2  kg/m2

Storage: the product must be stored in tightly closed containers in a dry ventilated facility at temperatures not lower than +10 °С.

Fields of actual use

The products are used to care for concrete or surfaces on a mineral base in the quality of dirt protecting coating or impregnation resistant to mechanical and chemical impacts.

The coatings based on epoxy oligomer aqueous emulsions are resistant to action of water, alkalies, weak acids and hydrocarbonic combustive and lubricating materials.

The products are exploitable at the enterprises of chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries as well as in parking areas, garages, gas stations, etc.


– good adhesion to mineral construction materials (concrete, ceramic and sand-lime brick, etc.) and steel works what provides coverings continuity and high degree of adhesion to the layer coated with them;

– long-term reliability of resistance to head of water;

– protective and decorative coverings possess high strength;

– water and frost resistance, immunity to hydrocarbonic combustive and lubricating materials;

– applied to slightly wet surfaces.


Тechnical characteristics


Indicator name

Indicator values


Viscosity according to VZ -4, sec.



Application life at 20 ° С, at least, min.



Density, g/сm3


Technology of preparation and application

Compound preparation


The primer (ground coat) is prepared in the following proportion: for 100 phr of component 1is necessary to take 25 phr of component 2. The mixture is stirred to get an indiscrete mass.

Caution!!! Component 2 is introduced into component 1. Reversed order of components input is prohibited.

Surface preparation

– remove damaged concrete up to its structural base. Clean up the concrete surface around exposed reinforcement steel – 10-50 mm from the edges of the damaged zone. The place of repair borders must be exposed under the right angle at the minimal depth of 5 mm;

– before applying primer (ground coat)  or PMCM the surface must be cleaned up from dust and grease. At availability of grease spots they must be removed with the help of solvents (for instance, R-4, R-30, 646) and by means of special washing agents;

– the surface must be thoroughly washed up by water (in case the surface is made of concrete and brick) or by acetone (if the surface is of metal) and be blew off;


The compound is applied with a brush, roller or compressed-air atomizer.

Safety precautions to be taken during the performance of priming

Compounds manufactured based on epoxy oligomer aqueous emulsions with the addition of cement and sand can cause skin and eyes irritation that is why at working thereof it is necessary to use goggles and gloves.