Water-repellent sealer GFSo

Water-repellent sealer GFSo is a transparent liquid (from achromatic to that of a yellow colour) with a characteristic smell. The product is delivered in a ready-to-use form.

Product Description


  • for concrete, brick – 0,2-0,4 kg/m2;
  • for plaster  – 0,4-0,8 kg/m2;
  • for natural stone – 0,8-1,0 kg/m2;
  • for a mineral paint layer – 0,6-0,7 kg/m2.


Water-repellent sealer GFSo is necessary to be stored in tightly closed containers at temperatures not lower than+5 0 С.

Guaranteed shelf life is 12 months.

Fields of actual use:

Water-repellent sealer GFSo is designed for protection of porous engineering materials and structures (concretes, sand-lime and ceramic brick, natural and artificial stone, mineral plaster, inorganic paints, etc.) from moisture impact.

Technology of preparation and application

For prophylactic purposes «PGR 3» solution may be added to finishing mortar in the following proportions (with a view to 1 litre of added water):

– for lime-cement mortar– 24 ml of «PGR 3» solution;

– for lime-sand mortar–17 ml of «PGR 3» solution;

– for cement-sand mortar– ml of «PGR 3».

Concentrated product «PGR 10» is cut with water in the following proportions:

– 3:7 (solution:water) – at the contaminated surface treating;

– 1:4 (solution:water) – at adding to finishing mortar.


The contaminated surface is treated with a paint brush by rubbing in movements. Within 24 hours after treating the surface is mechanically cleaned with a metal brush or a putty-knife. Then treat the surface again.

Safety measures

The works should be done in a breather mask, goggles, protective clothing and gloves.