Lime water colour IPW-14

IPW -14 is a lime water colour modified with polymers.

Product Description


– paint –  0,9 kg for m2 (for the first layer),

– 1,7 к kg for 1m 2 (in case of a two-layer covering).

Package: the paint is delivered ready-to-use in polyethylene buckets (30 l).

Storage: the product is stored in dry premises at temperatures not lower than+5 0 С.

Guaranteed shelf life is 12 months.

Fields of actual use:

Lime water colour modified with polymers is used for creating a protective-decorative covering on brick, stone, concrete at implementing repair and restoration works.


– good adhesion properties;

– high moisture vapor transmission;

– high resistance to frost;

– high outdoor resistance;

– freedom from solvents;

– long life operation;

– -environmental security;

– tinted in colour as agreed with the customer.


– before application the paint should be thoroughly mixed;

– the surface should be abundantly wetted with the ground coat WD EPAC (based on alkyd resins aqueous dispersions) and let it soak up;

– apply paint by means of a paint brush;

– the works should be carried out at ambient air temperature not lower than +5 0С (optimal temperature +20 0С);

– after the works are over the tools and containers should be thoroughly washed by water.

Safety precautions to be taken

– at working with the compounds it is necessary to use goggles and gloves;

– when hit by the solution the skin must be treated with water and soap;

– when hit by the solution the eyes are to be washing by streaming water within some  minutes.