Brickwork mortar ITSR-КR

Brickwork mortar is a high quality bonding substance of a grey colour possessing a good plasticity and adhesion after mixing with water.

Product Description

Consumption: 5,3 kg/m2 at thickness of 3mm (density 1,1 kg/m3).

Package: the product is delivered in bags of 25 kg.

Fields of actual use:

The product is used for forming a brickwork from brick and natural stone in the process of restoration works.


- good bonding and adhesion properties;

– high moisture vapor transmission;

– high resistance to frost;

– high outdoor resistance;

– placeability;

– -simplicity of preparation;

– freedom from solvents;

– environmental security.

Тechnical characteristics

The composition’s application life at a dilution with water makes at least 1hour at temperatures 20±2°С.

Technology of application

The dry mixture is blended with water in a separate container for being mixed up to the indiscrete mass of the required consistence (at the rate of 6,2 litres of water for 25 kg of the material).

The works should be carried out at ambient air temperature not lower than +5.

After the works are over the tools and containers should be thoroughly washed by water.

Safety precautions to be taken

– at working with the solution it is necessary to use goggles and gloves;

– when hit by the solution the skin must be treated with water and soap;

– when hit by the solution the eyes are to be washing by streaming water within some minutes.