Limestone back-coat ITSR-О

ITSR -О is a limestone back-coat (in the form of a dry mixture) modified with polymers.

Product Description

Package:  the product is delivered in the form of a dry mixture of white colour packaged in bags of 20 kg.


  • ground coat 0,6 kg for 1 m2(for the first layer),
  • ITSR –О – 1,7 к kg for 1m 2
  • 2,5-3,0 kg for 1 m2(in case of a two-layer covering).

Storage: ITSR –О must be stored in dry premises with humidity at most 70% at temperatures not lower than+5 0 С.

Guaranteed shelf life is 6 months.

Application life:

Fields of practical use

Limestone back-coat is designed for obtaining a protective leveling coat on the surface of brick and white stone.


- good mechanical strength characteristics due to a monolithic-type bond with brick;

– good adhesion properties;

– high moisture vapor transmission;

– high resistance to frost;

– high outdoor resistance;

– simplicity of preparation;

– freedom from solvents;

– environmental security.

Тechnical characteristics

The composition’s application life at a dilution with water makes at least 2 hours.

Technology of preparation and application


– for 1 bag (20 kg) of the dry mixture is taken 15 litres of clean water in compliance with GOST 23732 (at the rate of 750 ml of water for 1 kg of dry mixture );

– dry mixture is thoroughly blended by means of a mixer or any blending device with the measured amount of water and is held for 10-15 minutes at repeated mixing. The compound blending must me made only in a clean container!

– the ambient air temperature at work implementing must be not lower than +5 0С (optimal temperature is +200С).


The ground coat WD EPAC (based on alkyd resins aqueous dispersions) is abundantly laid on the surface cleared out from dust, grease, any traces of fat, paint, etc. Then a thin layer of the preliminary prepared ITSR solution is applied to the wetted surface. The solution is laid with the help of a paint brush, a paint mitten or a coating pistol. Then the applied layer is leveled by a paint brush or a paint mitten. The thickness of one layer of the back –coat must not exceed 1-1,5 mm.

The second back –coat layer should be applied not earlier than within 2 hours (it is necessary to be sure that the previous layer is hardened completely). The next layer must be also laid on the  wetted surface. The given technological procedure of works will make possible to avoid cracking of the upper back-coat layer.

After the works are over the tools and containers should be thoroughly washed by water.

Limestone back-coat must not be overdried within the first 24 hours of hardening: it is desirable to repeatedly moist the treated surface with water.

Safety precautions to be taken

– at working with the solution it is necessary to use goggles and gloves;

– when hit by the solution the skin must be treated with water and soap;

– when hit by the solution the eyes are to be washing by streaming water within some  minutes.