Ungauged lime plaster ITSR-SH

ITSR –SH is an ungauged lime plaster in the form of a dry mixture.

Product Description


  • ground coat – 0,5 kg for 1 m2;
  • lime plaster – 2,1 kg for 1 m2;

Package:  the product is delivered in bags of 20 kg.

Fields of actual use:

The product is used for wall plastering and creating architectural millworks as a main leveling layer of plaster.


- good mechanical strength characteristics due to a monolithic-type bond with brick;

– good adhesion properties;

– high moisture vapor transmission;

– high resistance to frost;

– high outdoor resistance;

– regulates microclimate of premises;

– simplicity of preparation;

– freedom from solvents;

– environmental security.

Тechnical characteristics

The composition’s application life at a dilution with water makes at least 1,5 hours.

Technology of application

The ground coat WD EPAC (based on alkyd resins aqueous dispersions) is abundantly laid on the surface cleared out from dust, grease, any traces of fat, paint, etc.

Wall plastering is carried out in one or two layer according to stuccowork technology depending on the thickness requirements. One layer thickness of the lime plaster must not exceed 0,5-1,0 cm. The second layer is laid on after the firsl layer «whitening».

Safety precautions to be taken

– at working with the solution it is necessary to use goggles and gloves;

– when hit by the solution the skin must be treated with water and soap;

– when hit by the solution the eyes are to be washing by streaming water within some  minutes.