Lime cement mortar (ITSR)

Lime cement mortar (ITSR) is a dry mixture of a grey colour. After hardening it acquires good flow properties, high absorbability and the ability to be hardened with no shrinkage cracking.

Product Description

Fields of actual use:

Lime cement mortar is used for injections into cracks and splits, filling cavities in concrete, reinforced concrete, brick and stone surfaces.


– good adhesion to concrete, ceramic and sand-lime brick;

– high flow;

– hardening with no shrinkage cracking;

– good moisture vapor transmission;

– high resistance to frost;

– settable consistence;

– small thickness;

– not dangerous, not toxic and noncombustible system;

– small shrinkage.

Тechnical characteristics

The compound possesses all necessary rheological properties for use in injection technologies, its application life makes at least 1 hour at temperature of 20-22 0С.

Technology of preparation and application

Lime cement mortar in the form of dry mixture is necessary to mix with clean water in a clean container up to forming of indiscrete mass with the required consistence (14 litres of water for 25 kg of material).

Before applying the mortar all filling caverns should be preliminary cleaned from drilling dust.

Caution!!! The surface being treated must not contain gypsum.

The solution being prepared is poured into the caverns or pressed in the brick layer through the special packers.

The temperature of treating and priming ranges from +5 0С to +30 0С.

After the works completion all the tools and containers must be thoroughly flashed by water.

Safety measures:

– operation of the compound requires the use of goggles, gloves and mask;

– when hit by the solution the skin must be treated with water and soap;

– when hit by the solution the eyes are to be washing by streaming water within 5 minutes.