Compound for injections and agglutinating WEP-74 IS

The product W-EP-74 IS is a two– component composition:

– component 1 –primer;

– component 2 – condensation agent.

Product Description

Consumption: 1 litre of the compound is taken for 1 litre of blowhole (I litre of the compound = 1,32 кг).

Storage: the product must be stored in tightly closed containers at temperatures not lower than +10 °С.

Fields of actual use:

– sealing joints and connections of prefabricated and solid reinforced concrete structures, brick laying and plasters;

– agglutinating concrete and reinforced concrete structures, metal, brick and other surfaces against each other and together.


– good absorbability into concrete, brick and plastered surfaces;

– good adhesion to concrete, metal, ceramic and sand-lime brick, plaster;

– after hardening the product becomes resistant to impact of alkalies, diluted acids, salt solutions, fuel and petroleum derivatives;

– able to work within the range of temperatures from -30 ° С  to +90 ° С – at dry load,  up to +50 ° С – at wet load.

Тechnical characteristics

Indicator name

Indicator values


Viscosity according to VZ -4, sec.





Application life at 20 ° С, at least, min.:

– at 10 ° С

– at 20 ° С




Density, g/сm3



Minimal temperature of hardening, ° С

+ 8

Technology of preparation and application

Compound preparation

Component 1 (ground coat) and component 2 (hardener) are delivered in the proportion necessary for stirring and obtaining optimal performance properties. Component 2 must be introduced into component 1 down to the ground. For this purpose it is necessary to pay attention that the hardening agent must flow out from the container with no remainder. Stirring of the components should be implemented by means of the appropriate mixer (maximum 300 rpm, e.g. drill with nozzles). The components must be mixed up both from below and on each side of the container to obtain their uniform spreading. Stirring of the components should be continued about 5 min. to get an indiscrete mass.

Caution!!! It is forbidden to work with the prepared material in containers wherein it is delivered! The mass must be poured over clean container and thoroughly mixed up again.


The compound is applied with the help of hand-operated or pedal-powered injection pump, application of injection packer is also possible.

Safety precautions to be taken during the performance of priming

Compounds manufactured based on epoxy oligomer aqueous emulsions with the addition of cement and sand can cause skin and eyes irritation that is why at working thereof it is necessary to use goggles and gloves.