Aqueous epoxy resin-based emulsions WEP-74Е, WEP-58Е

WEP -70Е, WEP -58Е – are aqueous dispersions of epoxy resins (with the weight about 205-225 gE) being oil-in-water emulsions of epoxide oligomers in water solutions of surface-active substances (SAS) being different from basic formula (WEP-74, WEP -58) in availability of modifying agent in their composition.

Introduction of the additive agent promotes the enhanced colloid-chemical consistency of emulsions (due to reducing the average particle size) and elevated adhesion.

Product Description

Storage: the product is necessary to store in closed packing (containers, barrels, etc.) at temperatures not higher than + 35 °С and not lower than +10 °С).

Fields of actual use:

– film-forming component of lubricants applied to elementary filaments at forming basalt and glass fibers;

Additional spheres:

– binding agents at manufacturing protective- decorative and anticorrosive paints, primers,  treating composites;

– polymer-mineral solution compounds for engineering constructions moisture proofing, repairing and reinforcing.


– high colloid-chemical consistency;

– stability;

– homogeneousness;

– small size of particles;

– increased timescale of storing.

Basic characteristics of emulsions

Indicator name Indicator values for:


Appearance White homogenious liquid


Non-volatile matter content, % 62-70 50-58


Brookfield apparent viscosity (250С, 20 rpm), cPs 3-30 0,6-5


pH index at 20 °С 6-10 6-10


emulsion stability at water diluting 1:10, %, at least 98 98


Average size of particles, nm 180-400 180-400

Technology of preparation and application

Aqueous emulsions of epoxy resins are delivered in a ready –to-use form. The procedure of their application (lubricant preparation) is determined by engineering and technological conditions of inorganic fiber production at certain enterprises and if necessary, is agreed and updated together with the customers.