Anticorrosive protection systems

The problems of corrosion control came into being a thousand years ago. Annually the market introduces new anticorrosion materials and recently – the systems of anticorrosive protection.

We put forward the systems of anticorrosive protection based on epoxy resins aqueous dispersions:

– thin-film coatings it is a system consisting of the ground coat WD EPEP -72 and waterborne epoxy paints WD EPEP -51;

– for thick-film coating (heavy coatings) that subject to simultaneous effects of the aggressive media, mechanical impact and abrasion it is a system based on the ground coat WD EPEP -72 and PTSR E-30.

The coatings based on the system «ground coat – paint» are elastic and frost resistant. The system is recommended in the quality of anticorrosive and chemically resistant coatings on metal and reinforced concrete surfaces. In relation to its performance characteristics the system is equal to epoxy paints based on organic solvent -borne resins and is more immune to alkalies than the latter. Due to the lack of the organic solvents the system makes possible to be operated in a closed space.

Selection of materials for anticorrosive protection

Brand name Description Material designation and characteristics
Antocorrosive coating Waterproofing covering Decorative (finishing) coating Frost resistance Outdoor resistance Strength Water resistance Resistance to chemical attack Adhesion
WD EPEP -72 Ground coat in the form of a two-component composition based on epoxy resins aqueous dispersions ++ ++ ++ ++ ++
WD EPEP -51 Paint in the form of a two-component composition based on epoxy resins aqueous dispersions ++ ++ + ++ ++ ++
PTSR E-30 Polymer-cement materials for anticorrosive protection ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++
 (link) Waterborne epoxy coating for floor  + ++ ++ ++ ++

++ – designation or property characteristic to the material

+ – designation or property intrinsic to the material but not being its main characteristic