Film-forming lubricant соmponents for basalt and glass fibres

Basalt and glass fibers are widely used for manufacturing reinforced composites primarily engineering ones. Engineering materials must satisfy quite rigid requirements in relation to high physical and mechanical performance. To comply with the abovementioned requirements and to increase mechanical strength it is necessary to provide adequate interfacial adhesion between reinforcing fibre and plastic binder (most often an epoxy-based one). With a view to increase adhesion in the system of «reinforcing filler – plastic binder» and a qualitative roving obtaining in the process of fibre production it is coated by a special component – lubricant. One of the main lubricant components is a film-forming agent. It is the film-forming agent that provides a reliable bond between reinforcing filler and polymer matrix of the composite.

LLC “Scientific Production Firm (SPF) «RECON» has developed a line of epoxy resin aqueous dispersions for application in the quality of lubricant film-forming components used for basalt and glass fibers. The elaborated components present oil-in-water emulsions of epoxy resin  oligomers produced under the following brand names:

WEP -74, WEP -58;

WEP -74Е, WEP -58Е;

WEP -70P, WEP -58P.

The significant advantage of aqueous epoxy resin- based emulsions used in the quality of lubricant film-forming components is the enhanced conditions of fiber wetting by binding agent as a result of phobotex process. These conditions not only enhance hydrolytic stability of adhesive bond but also improve adhesion.

Engineered aqueous epoxy resin- based emulsions possess high colloid-chemical stability and are characterized by the increased timescale of storing (at least 12 months).