Materials reinforcing engineering structures

Reconditioning of structural-load capacity is a vital problem because the possibility of further safety operation of buildings and engineering structures depends on its intelligent and timely solution.

With a view to reinforce and recondition structural-load capacity and functional performance of reinforced concrete structures, steelworks and other types of  engineering structures LLC «SPF«Recon» has developed the following produce:

PTSR-E – polymer-modified cement mortars based on epoxy oligomer aqueous emulsions. Application of polymer-modified cement mortars at implementing repair and refurbishment work is the best-performing since adhesion bond on the border « old surface – new compound» of cementitious material is poor. It is the good adhesion of the engineered repair compounds to old surface that appears to be a necessary condition for satisfactory performance. The compounds possess improved performance goals: flow properties, plastic behavior, placeability, etc.

Ground coats and impregnations based on epoxy resin aqueous emulsions

WEP-74 IS – Compound for injections and agglutinating with extreme penetrating capability.

Selection of materials for enforcement of structures

Material description, designation and characteristics

Material trade name

PTSR – E Ground coats and impregnations WEP -74 IS
Description Polymer-modified cement mortars based on epoxy oligomer aqueous emulsions in the form of three – component compositions Two-component compositions for safety keying action of finishing coat seal cleavages Two-component composition for injecting and agglutinating
Penetrating sealer ++ ++
Injecting into splits


(for PTSR  E -40)


Protective covering

++ +

Waterproofing covering


Resistance to head of water

++ ++

Abrasion resistance


Good  adhesion

++ +++


++  – designation or property characteristic to the material

+ – designation or property intrinsic to the material but not being its main characteristic