Construction and renovation materials, systems of decoratory face and interior protection

Each city has its own unique external architectural character being primarily determined by its organic architecture of dimensional structures, landscape design and, the last but not least, its architectural and urban planning solution.

The architectural heritage and religious buildings and structures most often reflect the whole historical epochs and their preservation, timely restoration and building value turn to be the most important goals for any country. The intellectual decision of these goals are especially momentous for the dynamically developed cities where the investment attractiveness of land is one of the main reasons for town-planning solutions of the architectural medium. Here the strategy of town development must be originated from preservation and evolvement of the architectural heritage, clearly elaboration of procedures for protection, conservation, reconstruction and renovation of cultural monuments and timely procedures implementation.

Elevations of the buildings need a special care because they are affected by the direct impact of various climatic factors and weather elements such as positive and negative temperatures, load from wind pressure, rains, chemically aggressive media, ultraviolet ray irradiation, etc. The impact of these factors in the course of time exerts a destructive effect on elevations of the buildings and structures.

The following defects can be referred to the adverse factors impact:

– crack and caverns formation;

– surface looseness;

– ribbed stiffeners spalling;

– break of panel connections and brick laying seams airtightness;

– destruction of brick face surface.

The main task of restoration works implementation appears to be the improvement of defects as well as renovating colour and texture of the buildings and engineering structures.

Our firm has elaborated the technology of the building elevations repair and the line of protective-decorative coatings for the buildings constructed of ceramic and sand-lime brick.

The system of protective-decorative coat consists of:

– Fungicidal solution «PGR» necessary to be applied to the walls at repair works carrying out;

– ground coats and impregnating compounds making possible not only diminish the plaster porosity but enhance their strength if necessary;

– upper (finishing) decorative coats which create architectural peculiarity and protect walls from adverse impacts.

In the quality of finishing coats we offer waterborne alkyd paints (WD EPAL) possessing a number of advantages: moisture vapor transmission, lack of volatile solvents, resistance to temperature drops, maintainability, fire and explosion safety and some others.

The requirements specified for the protection of inner and outer walls are different. The walls inside the building are not subjected to aggressive media impact apart from the walls in the bathrooms and kitchens where the effect of moisture is high.

That is why the safety of coating compounds used inside the premises is the main thing. In the course of operation they must not extract substances harmful for a human and infringe upon microclimate of the premises. The most important indicators for interior paints are decorative characteristics, resistance to grease and ability of washing.

LLC «SPF «REcon» offers a variety of materials for decorative protection of interiors–ground coatings, impregnations, waterborne alkyd paints, etc.

Selection of materials for implementing works on building elevations decorative protection, interiors renovation, repair and restoration

Brand name Description

Material designation and characteristic


Pprotection from a wide range of fungi Penetrating compound Protective covering Decorative (finishing) coat Constructive repair Restorastion of brick layer continuity Outdoor resistance Water resistance Permiability


ITSR Dry mixture forming lime cement mortar after hardening ++ ++


ITSR -К Stone substitute in the form of dry mixture containing polymer additives  ++ + +


IPW-14 Lime water colour of new generation modified with polymers ++ + ++


ITSR -О Limestone back-coat in the form of dry mixture modified with polymers ++ ++
ITSR-SH Ungauged lime plaster in the form of dry mixture  + ++


ITSR -КR Brickwork mortar in the form of dry mixture  + ++ ++


WD EPAC -G Acrylic primer in the form of one component composition ++ + ++


WD EPAl Paint based on alkyd resins aqueous dispersions and pigmented with inorganic pigments in the form of one –component composition + ++ ++ ++


WD EPAL -F Paint based on alkyd resins aqueous dispersions and pigmented with inorganic pigments.  Fungicidal addition in the form of one-component composition.  ++ + ++ ++ ++


PGR Fungicidal solution


GFSо Water-repellent sealer 





++ – designation or property characteristic to the material

+ – designation or property intrinsic to the material but not being its main characteristic