We produce innovative materials for the construction industry



We produce unique materials for the repair and restoration of coatings



We are an exclusive manufacturer of materials for the composite industry
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    The main principle of our work is honesty and openness to our clients. We are always ready to help you develop business.

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    We produce high quality products. It has repeatedly proved itself in the most difficult conditions, projects and structures.

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    We create truly innovative materials. They have no analogues in the world. Our scientific approach allows us to create the future now.


Future for the present

We don 't know exactly what the future will look like. But we are confident that with the scientific knowledge and the ability to conduct the most daring experiments, it is already possible to create unique materials that help the industry move forward.

We always strive to be a leading company in the production of innovative products. The best minds are concentrated in our team so that the future is as close as possible.

Anton Semyonov

Director of Recon


Industry developments

Here are the key industries where Recon products are used

Why us?

Research and production company "Recon" LLC (founded in 1991), which is a resident of Technopolis Himgrad, is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of water dispersions, high — quality construction and repair and restoration materials.LLC "Recon", since its foundation, conducts research, has a number of patents for inventions and utility models. The presence of our own research laboratory and highly professional staff (one doctor and two candidates of technical Sciences) allows us to take into account the specific requirements of each client.


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Our projects

In 2014-2015, our company developed and put into production:

  • new modifications of water emulsions of nanomodified epoxy resins for use as the basis of polymer-cement solutions, water-based paints and film-forming components of oiling agents applied to inorganic fibers;

  • nanomodified repair compositions with elasticity and increased adhesion to various substrates;

  • Today, about 10-15 % of the products of LLC Recon are nanomodified systems and materials that have an increased level of operational and technical properties (primarily, adhesion and mechanical strength) compared to unmodified analogues.

    In 2015, our company received a grant from the innovation assistance Fund under the Development Program for the implementation of the project Development of methods for obtaining import-substituting film-forming agents for the production of glass, basalt and carbon fibers through the introduction of nanoscale particles (contract no. 200GR / 19271).

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